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“My shoulders feel so much better since our first stretching session. It helped everywhere, but I feel it most in my golf swing. Doesn't hurt like before! I think this is the one piece that has been missing from my overall health and wellness routine.”

Matt & I came in for our first stretch session and it was fantastic!  Joey performed an all-over stretch with focus on tight areas for me and problem areas for Matt.  I appreciated how Joey explained what she was doing and why it was important.  Her breathing technique allowed for a deep stretch which felt great. Afterwards, I felt relaxed, more flexible, and educated.  Matt’s stretch and mobility improved after one session.  We would highly recommend 7th Inning Stretch & Wellness for maintenance of the body.

Lori & Matt Dulworth,
Business Owners

“I feel so much better! I had pain running from the front of my chest to my shoulder all the way down to my elbow. I don’t feel any pain or dull ache like I used to. My muscles feel relaxed so I can move better.”

Jeannie Moore,

“There is an amazing benefit within stretch therapy. Joey is a fantastic and capable individual that has dedicated herself to bringing healing to the body with the methods she has invested in learning. Truly, I feel better after every stretch session. She is very attentive and uses safe and efficient techniques.”

Cathie Knighten,
Certified Personal Trainer

“I feel looser! I always have a lot of tension in my upper back, shoulders, and neck. I can tell an immediate difference and there is less tension in my neck.”

Jesse Dale,
5th grade teacher